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We specialize in providing pest control services for demolition sites, in addition to many other commercial applications.

Rudy’s Exterminating Co., Inc. specializes in providing its customers with the most effective commercial pest control the industry has to offer. We use the latest techniques and ensure that your premises are being treated safely and effectively, so that you won’t need to deal with pest problems in the future.

Part of controlling for termites, ants, rats, bed bugs and other pests is following preventative procedures that will eliminate these risks going forward. If you own a business of any kind, whether it’s a property management company, hotel, restaurant, industrial facility or a site that is to be demolished, you can guard against the threat of pests by taking action now, rather than waiting for the problem to get out of hand.

One of the keys to avoiding these issues is to make sure all openings into your building are properly sealed, whether it’s a crack in your drywall or a drainage pipe that leads to the outside areas of the structure. You should also make sure that piles of trash are kept in sealed containers and routinely removed from the premises. This step is particularly important when it comes to termites. If you have large collections of wood that need to be disposed of, it’s imperative to get rid of them as soon as possible.

In the Tips & Advice Center, you’ll find updated information on the latest methods for avoiding pest infestations and keeping your structure free of any insects, rodents and wildlife. If you discover that your facility may be harboring these intruders, make sure to contact Rudy’s Exterminating Co., Inc. today so that we can take control of the situation immediately. As the leading provider of pest control in New York City and the Tri-County area, we are confident in our ability to provide the best service in the industry.