Rudy's Exterminating Co., Inc. can provide pest control services for industrial settings.

For industrial facilities, pest control is an incredibly difficult task. Rodents, insects and other invaders can wreak havoc on the structure, and also create a workplace and public health hazard for those who operate at these sites. Business owners and facility managers who are tasked with keeping their buildings clean and safe should contact Rudy’s Exterminating Co., Inc. if they detect any pest problems.

We specialize in providing pest control in New York City that is reliable, effective and affordable. We respond to calls within 24 hours so that, if you do determine you have a pest problem, we can address it as quickly as possible before it gets out of hand.

Whether you own a warehouse with hard to reach areas, or you have a manufacturing plant with lots of nooks and crannies that need to be baited, we can provide the protection and prevention services you need. Contact Rudy’s Exterminating Co., Inc. today to find out more!