Success Stories

We have been using Rudy’s Exterminating for all our termite inspection for over 10 years. They are very dependable, trustworthy and very efficient. We highly recommend them to any one who needs a pest control professional and a termite specialist.”

– Kulakis and Christoforatos, Esq.

Since a company’ s reputation is made by those employees who meet the customer in person, I thought you might like to have further confirmation of what an outstanding representative you have.

His combination of professional and social skills is impressive. He related to an anxious neighbor with the aplomb and patience of an experienced social worker; he directed his crew with good humor and seriousness of purpose; he worked hard and efficiently at all his tasks; and did exactly what he said he’d do, including clean-up and put-away.

As you know, carpenter ants create great anxiety in a community. Your technician left us all feeling that Rudy’s has a human face and knows what it is doing in all phases of its operations.

– John Spiteri New York, NY

Bedbug free thanks to you guys! I’ll be recommending you to my family & friends!

-John C.