Wildlife control is one of the primary pest control issues in the tri-state area. Many property owners discover infestations of larger rodents, from squirrels to raccoons, more frequently than they do insects and small pests. If a family of raccoons or opossums has moved into a property, it is best to have professionals come in to safely remove them to a more suitable habitat than try to handle them yourself.

Nearly any animal can become a nuisance for a property owner. Birds, bats, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, skunks, moles and gophers can all crop up and present issues for home and commercial property owners if they aren’t safely taken care of quickly. The problems can vary depending on the animal, from property damage to simply being a nuisance, and the cause of the infestation can be just as varied. Some wildlife are actually attracted to people, while others will move into a building when it is uninhabited.

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