Termites are one of the worst threats to any building, silently destroying the infrastructure of a property, targeting not just wood, but any cellulose-based materials used in construction. This includes foundations, wood frames, furniture, shelving, books and many other household items.

Termites are a constant threat, regardless of where a property is located, so it’s important to have a building regularly inspected and treated to prevent these pests from spreading. One way to reduce the risk of an infestation is to keep up on regular maintenance as well, repairing any plumbing, structural or related problems immediately and keeping the property clean and clear of debris, standing water and loose soil.

The only ways to identify a termite problem are to inspect wooden structures, keep them clear of dirt and check for mud tubes — tunnels used by termites to travel in — on exterior walls and in crawl​ spaces. if you do spy a termite infestation, or suspect one, contact Rudy’s Exterminating Co., Inc., immediately. We’ll return any call within 24 hours.