Rats and mice are a very common, almost iconic pest problem in New York City. Foundation vents and crevices in the walls or attic spaces are common entry points for rodents. They carry infectious and harmful diseases and can gnaw through furniture and other belongings. They are most attracted to sources of food, such as restaurants, hotels and homes, resulting in public health crises and the potential to damage an establishment’s brand image.

Different species of rats and mice have different habits, from living in ceilings to sticking to basements or woodwork. They are most likely to nest near sources of food and water, and breed rapidly, with several litters being born a year.

The best way to fight a rodent infestation is to properly seal up any cracks or holes they could enter from and contact a professional pest control company. Rudy’s Exterminating Co., offers leading rodent control services for the tri-state area with a 24-hour response time.