Stinging pests like mosquitos can be a major problem in NYC, especially around stagnant water sources. If your property is near a body of water you’ve likely experienced some serious mosquito problems in the past, though you may not have realized you can contact a pest control service to help.

Mosquitos are most active during dusk, dawn or when there is heavy cloud cover, and they prefer dark, shaded areas. The most obvious sign of a mosquito infestation will be their swarms and bites, which can leave red, itchy spots much like bed bugs or fleas. Mosquitos also make a buzzing noise as they fly.

An interesting fact about mosquitos is that only female mosquitos bite and drink blood.

If you’re concerned about the mosquito populations around your property, contact Rudy’s Exterminating Co., for assistance. These pests are typically more active in the spring and summer, but can occur during the early fall as well.