Ants are one of the major nuisances that affect many homes and businesses. They enter through miniscule cracks and then nest at any location inside, often going unnoticed. This enables them to cause major problems in building infrastructure, especially black carpenter ants, which can damage wood as much as termites.

Ants can get in through nearly anywhere, from tiny holes around windows and doors to cracks in the foundation itself. It is important to keep all of these potential entry points properly sealed and maintained. These pests are also attracted to sugar and other food items, so ensuring the premises are cleaned, especially food prep areas, can reduce the chance that ants will be attracted indoors.

Property owners in the tri-state area who are dealing with an ant infestation should contact Rudy’s Exterminating Co., Inc., to have their problem treated. We utilize the most effective pest control techniques to competently manage any pest problems on your property.