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With our bed bug covers you won't have to worry about losing guests over pest management issues.

Rudy’s Exterminating Co., Inc. provides bed bug mattress and box spring covers for our customers who have contracted with us to remove bed bugs from their premises. These covers are certified to keep beg bugs away once they have been eliminated, by covering your mattresses and preventing them from laying eggs within the fabric and cushioning.

The fabric on these covers will also help prevent dust mites, pet dander and other allergens from accumulating. They feature a fine-toothed zipper that is small enough to prevent even the tiniest bugs from getting inside.

Despite the fact that bed bugs have become such a major problem in New York and the surrounding boroughs, many businesses still haven’t taken precautions to prevent future infestations. It’s difficult to overstate how disastrous such an issue can be, especially if you’re operating in the property management or hospitality fields. Imagine how difficult it will be to attract guests to your hotel, or find tenants for your apartment, if it’s known that you have a bed bug issue!

As bed bug professional exterminators, we often hear horror stories about the kind of damage these pests can wreak on your business. It’s safe to say that the initial investment in bed bug covers will more than pay for itself simply because you won’t lose customers over this issue in the future.

Our bed bug covers come in a variety of sizes to fit every mattress, including twin, full, queen and king. Once they’re on the mattress they can easily be covered with sheets so that your guests won’t even know they’re there.

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