Making sure moths stay out of the house

Moths can cause damage to your clothes and in your pantry.

Though they are small insects, moths can cause some serious damage to the interior of your home. Moths are notorious for tearing up clothes kept in closets around the house, but they can also be a problem in the kitchen and living room areas. 

Around the house
Like many other species of pests, moths are attracted to whatever sources of food they can find. Inside your home, available food comes in many forms, including cereal, rice, fresh fruit and even pet food. That said, make sure all the food in your pantry is stored properly and be sure to clean up messes soon after they occur.

Outside the home, moths can turn into a sizeable problem for your yard, according to the University of Illinois. Gypsy moths, for example, eat a tremendous amount of plant matter in one day, and usually go after oak, beech and willow trees. While you probably won't have to target moths with insecticides, you should make the effort to keep up with standard yard maintenance. A well-kept yard helps maintain a healthy balance of different insects in the ecosystem.

Moths in the closet
Move over R. Kelley: Moths can get trapped in the closet, too. In addition to causing problems in your yard or pantry, it's common for moths to wreak havoc in closets because they prefer such dark conditions. Any closet that has doors to shut out the light – plus clothing to hide behind – makes for a great home for moths.

When it comes to hiding in clothing, moths use every part of the garment. If you have moths in the closet, it's likely you'll find eggs and larvae hiding under collars and behind cuffs. That, combined with their long life cycles, makes it easy to miss the warning signs of a moth infestation in your home.

There are a few easy preventative measures you can take to ensure you never have to deal with an infestation of moths. To begin with, make sure to equip windows with screens and keep your doors shut! In the closet, consider storing your nicer pieces of clothing in protective plastic bags.

If you're worried a population of moths has already taken refuge in your home, be sure to contact a high-quality professional pest control company, like Rudy's. Our team of professionals will help you get unwanted pests out of your house sooner rather than later.